Monday, March 02, 2009

Win a Free MacBook Air

Would anybody out there like a free MacBook Air? I know I would. It's the world's thinnest notebook. Sleek and elegant, it boasts better graphics and more storage. It's the perfect notebook for mobile computing, with easy portability and powerful graphics. But wait, did I say you can get it free?

Yes, I did. You can enter to win a free MacBook Air from ben behrouzi. Now, there are lots of contests and such on the net, but none so easy to enter as this one if you are on Twitter.

All you have to do is send Ben a Tweet asking to be included in the giveaway contest. Send him a simple message, like "@BenBehrouzi Ben count me in the MacBook Air Giveaway!" or something in your own words to let him know you want to be entered.

All entries must be in before Ben selects the winner on March 31st, 2009. It's easy to enter and easy to find out if you're a winner. Ben will announce the winner on March 31st 2009 on Twitter. Why not follow Ben on Twitter while you're at it, you'll get updates on his activities and his great blog. I know I am going to add him to my follows.

And if you're not on Twitter, why not? It's a great way to keep up with your favorite people, family members, friends and bloggers while letting them in on all the important things in your life, too.

Now, don't delay any longer, get in on this contest today. Remember, send a Tweet to Ben to let him know you want to enter the giveaway for a fabulous MacBook Air.


Video Game Reviews - Alex Gordon

If you enjoyed games like Mario Brothers and Sonic, you'll love this side-scrolling platform game from Dayterium. Alex Gordon, cool cat and treasure hunter, finds a mysterious amulet as he explores an island cave. The gems from the amulet disappear, and so does his sister as she is carried off by minions of the evil monkey king. Alex must now find the jewels and rescue his sister.

Your task is to guide Alex through each level, collecting coins, gems and stars while facing different foes in the form of turtles, pandas and sharp-toothed fish. But just to keep Alex from feeling too overwhelmed, he's got his own feline pep squad in the form of a pom-pom waving cheerleader who appears along the way to raise his spirits. To dispatch the baddies you jump on their heads and they promptly turn into coins to reward you. You have a choice of either mouse or keyboard controls and there are lots of helpful arrows and messages along the way to guide you. Between levels you can visit Alex's retirement island and use the money you've collected to outfit it for retirement in style. It's a nice addition to the game and provides a pleasant diversion.

The graphics are colorful and appealing. The different levels each have their own background and increasingly difficult maze you must negotiate to find the stars and gems. The numbers of monsters that hamper your progress increase, but their distinctive colors and detail help to distinguish them from friendlier passersby.

Alex has a very small repertoire of vocalizations, the extent of which is to make an exclamation of physical effort while jumping. I would have liked more. The music which starts off as a pleasant and relaxing island melody may get irritating after a long period of play. It's not intrusive, but it would be nice if the music changed from level to level.

Although there's nothing terribly innovative about this game, it's a solid concept with challenges enough to keep you playing long past the 60 minute trial period. The 50 game and 15 bonus levels guarantee you will not get bored quickly. Like all side-scrollers, you learn the tricks of finding the most treasure in each level as you play, so you won't mind playing again even if you do manage to finish the game. The challenge and playability of this game make it one to purchase for yourself or the whole family to enjoy over and over again.

Overall Rating: 4/5