Friday, January 02, 2009

Action All Stars - A Hit with Kids

If you love sports the chances are you share your love of the game with your kids. Now there's a site where you and your kids can create your own sports characters and explore a virtual world. The site is both safe and fun for kids from six to fourteen, and it's free to create your own sports avatar.

The site is called At Action All Stars, your kids can have fun dressing their avatars, choosing hair and eye color, even which sneakers to wear. The game features several servers on which you can explore, visit stores to purchase items for your sports star as well as meet other sports fans.
The kids can play any of the many games found throughout the virtual world and interact with other kids.

Action All Stars lets parents monitor their children's accounts to ensure their safety on the net. Action All Stars, in partnership with, is concerned with your child's safety on the net, while providing a fun environment for them to socialize and play games.

With two levels of Safe Chat, you can be sure your child won't be exposed to inappropriate language. The precomposed greetings and messages are perfect for the young child just learning to read but eager to communicate.

Kids will love dressing up their avatars, playing games and socializing with other kids who like sports the way they do. Parents will love knowing that their kids are having fun while keeping their internet experience a safe and rewarding one.