Monday, December 29, 2008

Woman Celebrates Wrong Birthday for 99 years

Most of us reach an age where we tend to ignore our birthdays and try to forget them when possible. But by the time you reach your100th birthday, you'll probably be telling everyone which is your special day. Elsie Aslett certainly was. The only problem is, Elsie had the date wrong.

For 99 years Elsie celebrated her birthday on December 14th. However, when her family asked the Queen for a birthday telegram, records revealed that she had really been born on December 18th in 1908.

Apparently Elsie's mother just got the date wrong, having eight kids will do that to you. So Elsie grew up thinking her birthday was four days earlier than her real one, thereby aging faster than she had to.

A friend of mine once made a mistake and thought she had turned 49 when she was only 48. When the next year rolled around, she was depressed to think about turning 50 and all that half-century mark means. What a wonderful surprise she had when she realized she had been 48 all year and was only turning 49, able to put off the 50th birthday for another 12 months.

If there's one person in life you should be able to trust, it's your mother. However, if you find she told you the wrong birthday, at least hope it goes in your favor. Wouldn't it be nice to find out you're really a lot younger than you thought?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Big Move

Rollo has been away from the blog for a few days due to a move. That's right, Rollo has some new digs and he's pretty happy about it.

You know, the old place wasn't bad but the landlord was just a little too close for comfort. He had his house situated so that even though it was on the next street, his yard bordered mine and he watched the house like a hawk. You'd think that having the landlord on hand for any little problem would be a handy thing, but it was the little things he worried and fretted over that could drive you crazy.

So anyway, here I am in a new place with an absentee landlord and loving it. Imagine, having a friend park his car in your driveway without the landlord calling up to find out who is visiting you!
Seriously, Rollo is too old for a nanny.

A lot of interesting and important things have been going on in my absence and trust me, I am going to catch you up on them. Some really crazy things have been going on as well, and those I like even better. So stay tuned.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Ultimate Hunter Package

It's not too late to get that outdoorsman on your list exactly what he wants for Christmas with the Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion. You know he's been asking Santa for NikonProGear and his wishes will be fulfilled with this Ultimate Hunter Package that will increase his long-range shooting skills. It even comes with an instructional DVD.

In addition, there are great prices on a wide range of Nikon riflescopes and binoculars. You may even qualify for a gift card between $25 and $50 with your purchase of Nikon binoculars. It's the ultimate gift for that hunter who's no longer so hard to shop for.

Anti-Social Networking

I don't check my page on my social networking site often, and most people on my friends list know this and don't expect much. In my case, it's more like "anti-social" networking. I have about 60 notifications that I haven't bothered to look at but this morning, one caught my eye.

I got a challenge to take a test that determines your "actual age" based on your answers regarding lifestyle, diet and habits. I have taken these before and my results have been less than stellar. Rather than promising me that I am much younger than my chronological age would indicate, it pretty much says "are you kidding? you should have been dead long ago".

After reviewing the test, an evil thought crept into my mind. It doesn't take long for evil thoughts to do that, usually. What if I took the test and answered all the questions the "right" way, the way that proclaims my interest in fitness, health and clean living? Imagine my friend's surprise when it is revealed that I am a shining example of youthful vigor and will live to be 150.

Let's face it, when we take these internet quizzes we all realize that they are made up by strange little people just like us, and have no scientific value. So why do we approach these tests with such seriousness and answer the questions with considered truth?

I have decided that from now on I will accept every quiz challenge sent to me, and I will lie on every single one of them. My results will probably cause some to be afraid and others to delete me from their friends list. In fact, one day I may not have any unanswered notifications and requests at all.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Curious George Bush Video

In January, we will say goodbye to President George W. Bush, our country's leader for the last 8 years.

It's become the fashion in the last few years to poke fun at Bush's verbal slips, the way he pronounces nuclear (nukular) and to blame every ill of our society and economy on the policies of his administration. The attitude towards his presidency is summed up well in these george bush cartoons. Watch the video, Goodbye Curious George to get a real glimpse of the prevailing attitude towards our current president.

Now I am not one who thinks that Bush is stupid, or that he has irrevocably damaged our country. The war in Iraq is now very unpopular - wars tend to become unpopular after a few years. Despite the fact that an email claiming Bush had the lowest IQ of all presidents for the past 50 years was proven to be a hoax, the rumors of his lack intelligence persist.

I didn't find the video to be particularly funny, and I especially object to any president being portrayed as a monkey. But the freedom to be irreverent is an important part of our rights to freedom of speech, and perhaps irreverence is our way of bringing the important people down to the level of everyman. A president can be everyman, after all.

It's also important to consider that this is how George Bush is viewed by most of the media and so many Americans. My question is, will he always be seen in this light? Do our assessments of the accomplishments of a president change over time and with the writing of history? I think that one day George Bush will garner the admiration we now give Ronald Reagan, who was once as villified by the press as George Bush is today. Watch the video and judge for yourself.