Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Are You Looking For?

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Woman Finds Bat in Coffee

It's that time of year when warm, sunny days encourage flies and bees and other insect life to go about seeking food, but as the cooler evenings take over, they often get caught out by the cold, or find someplace warm to hide. It's the time of year when you don't leave your car windows open, because the super-warmth of the interior caused by the day's sunshine is just a perfect spot for bees escaping the rapidly cooling air.

Apparently the same holds true for bats. Except this is the prime time of year for bats to try to move into your house, rather than your car.

One strange story comes out of Iowa, where a woman found a drowned (and steamed) bat in the filter of her coffee maker. Of course, by the time she found the bat, she had already consumed her morning cuppa joe. She kept the coffee pot on a timer and only filled it up at night.

Now Rollo loves his coffee more than could be considered natural and normal, but brewing bats might be just enough to put him off his usual mug of java. This is just a heads-up to always check your filter and well, any place a bat might decide to duck into.

As for the hapless woman in Iowa, since the bat's brains were too cooked for testing, she had to undergo a series of rabies shots. Okay, that's worth avoiding.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Identify Unknown Callers

Do you keep receiving calls from the same unknown number and wonder who is calling you and why? Do you wonder if others are receiving calls from the same number or if they have any further information on the caller? Now there's a website where you can list those persistent and unidentified numbers, and even leave comments for others on your experience. When you're looking for more information and Caller Identification on a number, check here first to see if others have listed the number or commented. You can get a list of the top unidentified numbers that people are receiving calls from. helps you get answers about that unwanted phone call.

MALINTENT - Homeland Security to read minds

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you have become used to the delays in boarding and the strictures on what you may carry. Screenings cost some travelers precious time over innocent personal hygiene devices, cosmetics and other items that can trigger full searches. But what would you prefer - a body search or a mind search?

New technology coming from Homeland Security will read the minds of passengers rather than search their bodies for hidden devices. The new machine is called MALINTENT and it reads body clues that will signal if a passenger has something to hide.

Does it sound like a science fiction novel? In some ways, yes. It's the extreme of the Big Brother society, where not only what you do and what you say is known to the government, but now what you think. Can humans prepare themselves for that particular invasion of privacy?

Except that MALINTENT cannot read specific thoughts, rather it reads your body's vital signs and performs a micro-facial scanning that measures minute muscle movements, movements that might indicate mood and intent. They believe they will be able to spot those passengers who may be planning harm to others.

But when going through airport screenings on the brink of travel, who is feeling relaxed? How will the machine read your mood if you are having a bad day? Not to worry they say, you don't won't set off the detectors simply because you are stressed or tense or even if you sweat profusely.

Testing on the device is ongoing, and it will be interesting to see which passengers feel is more invasive - fingers in their luggage or probes into their minds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Personal Illumination Tools

You don't have to be in law enforcement or the military to appreciate the importance of a high-quality personal flashlight. That's why, when you want a personal light that's durable, reliable and convenient enough to take along in a pocket or purse, you can't find anything better than a Surefire Flashlight.

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Which came first? The Chicken or the Duck?

A Chinese farmer who was trying to get all his ducks in a row, found the task a bit more difficult than he imagined. One of his ducks, isn't.

Isn't a duck, that is. Or it may be a duck but somehow it's not exactly like the other ducks. For one thing, it doesn't like water.

Of course, it could be these feet that make this duck too chicken to try paddling across the pond. Or maybe he's just ducken his responsibilities.

The farmer said that he didn't notice that his new duck had chicken feet until about ten days after he bought it. The duck has become quite famous in his own little way, with people coming from all around to see him.

This is one ugly duckling that won't be turning into a swan anytime soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Online Chat City - New Chat Forum

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Mother Steals Daughter's ID - Becomes a Cheerleader

I've heard of people who want to live their dreams, but this woman in Wisconsin takes the cake. Her dream was to finish high school and be a cheerleader, but at 33 years old, it didn't seem likely that she would achieve it.

That is, until she decided to assume her daughter's identity. Wendy Brown told school officials she was 15, using her daughter's identity to get admitted to high school. She got to attend cheerleading practice and even a pool party at the coach's house before being found out.

No information was available on how Wendy Brown was found out but let's be real here. I don't care how great someone looks at 33, she won't look 15. I mean, at some point the pom poms get a little saggy. The daughter apparently lives with her grandmother in Nevada but it is not known if either she or her grandmother is a cheerleader.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Searching Public Records Online

Wondering where to start your public records search for deeds and mortgages, death records, birth records, professional license records, sex offender records and more? You can search online to access direct links for county public records, and it's quick and easy. Simply fill in the information on the individual whose records you are searching for and get the results from a nationwide database. It's a simple way to find the information you need anywhere in the country.

Of Tragedy and Fraud - Remembering 9/11

Today is a day that Americans will never forget. The day our security and feeling of invulnerability in our own land was shattered forever as two planes were deliberately flown into the World Trade Center twin towers, the most devastating terrorism attack ever launched against Americans on their own soil.

But while we remember those that died, the families whose lives were forever destroyed, the brave ones that worked to save those still trying to escape, we also remember the survivors. Those people who lived through the most traumatic morning of their lives, suffered the loss of co-workers and friends, and witnessed a tragedy of epic scale.

Today I was incensed to read of a woman named Tania Head who masqueraded as a WTC survivor, even heading up a survivors group. It is a despicable fraud that it is hard to imagine anyone perpetrating. Eventually it was discovered that she was never even in New York on that fateful day, she was thousands of miles away in Barcelona. You can read the story in The Daily Mail.

Sportsview - It's Fan-tastic

Like most people I belong to several social networking sites, a couple of which I signed up for and never revisited. Sometimes there's not much to draw you back to the site. If you don't know or meet that many people who share your interests, why bother? Maybe you are a sports fan like me, but don't find too many others whose enthusiasm equals yours.

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No matter what sport you're a fan of, Sportsview has a community dedicated to it. Is football your passion? Maybe you're anticipating the winter season to follow your favorite hockey team. Football, baseball, hockey, even golf and NASCAR are all covered here. Find new friends, or invite all your friends to join with you, either way you can set challenges, compete, and make free sports bets to see who really knows their sport inside and out. Bets aren't made in real money, they are SV$ that members can use to purchase teams, players and increase their personal Sportsview net worth.

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Life as We Don't Know It

They switched on the LHC proton accelerator and the Earth is still here. According to the scientists at CERN, it's all been an atom-smashing success so far. But since the important smashing won't occur for a month or so, we are still waiting to see.

But it appears that regardless of what happens, at least one species of life will survive, and it may not be the cockroach to our surprise. Scientists have found this interesting creature called the tardigrade, or "water bear" can survive quite nicely through incredible amounts of radiation.

They are tiny creatures, only 1.5 mm long, and apparently in times of extreme environment changes, they simply suspend life and biological function until such time that the environment seems friendly enough again.

This amazing ability causes scientists to do things like strap them to the outside of orbiting space craft, to test their mettle.

So, although possessing the ability to withstand the vacuum of space, radiation and intense temperature changes makes it incredibly likely they can survive nearly anything, they have to put up with nosy scientists watching them reproduce and shooting them into space.

Maybe it's better to be less hardy, but if one day there is a disaster that leaves only the water bear as life on this planet, the next round of evolution might be very interesting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Search for Divorce Records Online

Did you know there's a way to access public Divorce Records from anywhere in the country? You can find local public divorce records online by state or search nationwide. Searching the database is just a matter of filling in a few details and the search area you desires. will provide the documentation you require from their vast database of public divorce records recovered from country court houses nationwide. Search there, and search no more.

Sarah Palin - Action Hero?

Sarah Palin, the Republican VP Candidate, took the media by storm and Hero-Builders hopes their action figure doll of Sarah Palin will take the market by storm.

There are two versions of the 12-inch Sarah Palin action figure. One portrays her in an exective style suit befitting her office as governor of Alaska while the other plays up her less official skills. Wearing a trench coat over a white mini-skirt, the doll has a gun strapped to her toned thigh.

The makers of the doll believe the gun-toting, mini-skirt wearing version will sell the better of the two dolls.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Scientists with Proton Accelerator could end the world

According to some scientists, the end of the world is scheduled for this Wednesday - technically, four years from this Wednesday.

On Wednesday, scientists will switch on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), a giant particle accelerator that is buried 100 meters below the earth. The LHC is containted in 17 miles of underground tunnels.

Scientists hope to recreate the second after the Big Bang and discover the secrets of the universe. But some scientists are warning that they could create black holes and quasars inside the Earth that will eventually destroy it from the inside out. One has said that it will take approximately four years before we notice the effects of this experiment.

The alleged danger of the throwing of the switch has caused panic all around the world, and those involved in the project are receiving death threats.

I hadn't planned on the world ending on Wednesday. This is in fact, the second end of the world I have been through. Remember, we were all pretty sure that the world's computers were going to cause the end of civilization when Y2K arrived. So I am not sure this end of the world is going to pan out. But just in case, I am not paying any bills until Thursday.

Read more at the Daily Mail