Friday, August 29, 2008

Laptop A Day Giveaway from Charter

If you an avid internet user as I am, you know that dial up just won't cut it, you need high speed internet. Now, when you sign up for a great deal on high speed internet from Charter Communications, you not only get the speed and connectivity you crave, but a chance to win a free laptop.

That's right, in the Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway, Charter is giving away a HP Compaq Presario Notebook Intel Pentium Dual Core Laptop, Windows Vista Home Premium Software and a Black Neotec Compu Backpack. That's a value of more than $600 and one prize will be given away every day for 30 days.


What's more, if you order online you will receive a Shell gas card valued up to $100. With gas prices at an all-time high, that's a gift you can really use.

This is also a great time to get high speed internet for the students returning to school. How better to help them get ahead this year than with a great Back to School deal on internet service? Whether for emailing teachers for help, research or checking on assignments and sharing notes, internet access is essential for the modern student.

When you purchase and have installed one of the great packages from Charter Communications you are automatically entered in the drawing for the daily laptop prize. Check out the deals and get your entry in today.

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City Forecloses on Man's House for Unpaid Parking Ticket

Milwaukee is not known as the city of brotherly love, and maybe for a good reason. In an act that is anything but brotherly, the City of Milwaukee has taken possession of a man's house, in return for an unpaid parking ticket.

Peter Tubic had an unlicensed van parked in his driveway and incurred a fine of $50. Because he didn't pay the original fine, interest and penalties have driven it up to $2,600. For this the city is foreclosing on his home.

But, Tubic's lawyers say, Tubic's case is unique in that he suffers from many physical diseases and has been declared mentally and physically disabled since 2001. These problems make it difficult for Tubic to handle this kind of situation, and the fines went unpaid.

The mayor vowed to help Tubic but nothing will be known until the hearing on September 11. If the city retains ownership of the house, they will sell it and return to Tubic any monies from the sale over the amount of the fine.

It's a reminder that although we live in a free country, we can still get caught in a web of bureaucracy and red tape. For the simple offense of overlooking a minor ticket, you could end up homeless. I won't even go into the idea of property rights and why the government shouldn't be able to tell you that you can't keep your own property on your own property without paying them a registration fee.

For Peter Tubic, the issue of property rights won't really matter, the city has taken his home.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews

I run several blogs and sites on different topics, and when I was looking for hosting for my latest one, I found it wasn't so easy to decide which hosting plan was best. There are many options to consider and it's important to know what's included, how much downtime you can expect and overall cost.

So what's the best way to find out where to get the best web hosting? gives you a quick look at the top ten hosts with a review for each that details the benefits of each plan and full information on the cost of hosting plans. I found useful information that I could practically apply to the process of choosing a hosting company.

In addition you may find some of the articles of particular use. If you have questions on anything to do with website maintenance, you can most likely find the answer here. For example, what do you need to consider when choosing a domain name? Should you use hyphens or take a .biz instead of a .com? This article may help you decide.

In short, I highly recommend doing your research before making a decision, and can give you a great start in your search with useful articles and hosting reviews.

Bank Changes Customer's Disparaging Password

This story about the man who tried to express his displeasure with his bank's service through his password, just struck a chord with me.

The man used the password "Lloyds is pants" until some bank employee saw it and changed it to "No We Are Not". You'll be glad to know that the bank admitted that the employee had no right to change the password.

The problem now is that the customer, a Mr. Jetley, is having difficulty getting his passwords accepted. He's tried "Lloyds is Rubbish" and "Censorship" among other things, but the bank has nixed all his submissions.

With banks imposing incredible fees for using their services and ATMs, penalizing customers with daily fees on overdrafts and generally turning banking into a battlefield, it only seems natural for the little guy to want to strike out in at least editorial ways.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jetley struggles to find a password he can get by the censors, while the rest of us now hatch ideas for the new passwords we can use - until we get caught, that is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freedom Debt Relief

The crush of credit card and other unsecured debt is a heavy burden on American consumers. In the current economy, many have turned to credit cards to satisfy pressing financial obligations, only to incur more debt, more interest and an accumulating debt that seems to spiral out of control.

It seems to me that taking out a loan to cover outstanding debts is just adding to the burden. What you need to do is to lower your debt, find a way to pay it down and break the cycle. That's where Freedom Debt Relief comes in. By lowering your actual debt to up to 50% of what it is now through negotiation with creditors, and consolidating your many payments into just one, you can become debt-free in as little as 2-3 years and only pay half of what you currently owe. Best of all, you won't continue to damage your credit score with late payments.

The fees for their service are spread out over the course of your program and incorporated into your monthly payment, so there's no big surprise payments or fees. FDR will contact your creditors to negotiate the lowest balance possible and save you money.

Once you are debt-free, they can refer you to credit repair services and other financial services to restore your good credit and set your future financial path.

Bigfoot is Halloween Costume

The sad news of the week is that bigfoot isn't real, at least not the one they found in a costume shop. I must say that I, for one, am extremely disappointed.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two men claiming to have found a bigfoot body, seem to have been hunting for Halloween costumes. It doesn't seem too bright to assume that you can fool people with a fake bigfoot for long, but in fact, they fooled someone long enough to make a bit of cash.

Tom Biscardi of had paid the "discoverers" of the bigfoot corpse a reported $50,000 for the exclusive rights to the story and the body. The body which was kept encased in ice in a freezer, was not available for examination by any experts except Biscardi's investigator, Steve Kulls. When the ice began to thaw, Kulls discovered that the fur was synthetic and the feet were made of rubber.

Dyer and Whitton have disappeared of course, taking the $50,000 with them presumably. Biscardi has a Halloween costume and egg on his face. Bigfoot still doesn't exist and that's the really sad part.

However, one thought did occur. If you were bigfoot, wouldn't hiding out in a bigfoot costume be the best disguise of all?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Country Music Site Makes Fans

Country music fans will soon become big fans of a website called The site is a virtual treasure trove of music, media and more. You can watch your favorite Country Music Video and discuss it or any other country music related topic with other fans on the forums. Check out news and information on today's top country music artists and vote for your favorite performers, songs, and videos. There's so much to do at this site and so much information you've been looking for, like all those Country Music Lyrics so you can sing along with your favorite songs. If you're looking for a country music resource, check it out!

A Shocking Tale

High prices for energy are making it hard for lots of people these days, but trying to circumvent the local electric company turned out to be a shocker for Lonnie Montgomery of Conway, Arkansas.

The 33 year old Montgomery hadn't paid his electric bill and service was shut off. According to authorities, Montgomery had sparked to the idea of trying to reconnect the electricity himself. He apparently had removed the plastic cover that the utility company had placed on the meter. Montgomery was found lying dead outside his home, his hand still holding one end of a set of jumper cables.

So, in case you wondered if it was possible to reconnect your own electricity without paying your bill, the answer is that it's really not such a bright idea.