Thursday, July 31, 2008

Viddiction - Earn Cash for Your Videos

Video sites are becoming one of the net's most popular forms of social networking. User-created content provides a wide variety of humor, music, newsy bytes or just heartwarming videos that visitors can spend many happy hours poring over.

If you love to make your own videos and you're creative, then you should check out the web's newest video networking site, Viddiction. Viddiction offers you a place to upload your creative masterpieces and a little something more - you can actually earn cash for videos.

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The videos I watched were pretty good. "Violent Grandma" had me laughing heartily at the Mercedes driver who got what he deserved when he impatiently honked at a little old lady who packed quite a punch. Who knew airbags sensors were so sensitive?

You know your concept is brilliant and your direction superb. Why not reap the rewards of your labor of love with a little cash in your pocket? There are no entry fees and no limit on the number of videos you can post. Viddiction makes it easy to post your videos, get points for views and the reward you so clearly deserve.

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Sat Nav Sends Trucks into House 15 Times

It's bad enough when you get a map and directions on the internet and go in circles for an hour because it says to take a right when it was supposed to be a left, but seems like sat-nav isn't all it's cracked up to be.

There was the bus driver whose sat-nav led him directly into a river. Even though he was driving into the water, he kept right on because his sat-nav told him that was the way to go. Now, there's the poor woman in Bodfari, North Wales, who is afraid to sit in her livingroom because truck drivers keep smashing into it, but she says it's not their fault.

All the truck drivers are just following the directions from their sat-nav, which tells them that the winding country lane on which Amanda Sandland lives is a shortcut. All in all, truckers following the sat-nav instructions have hit her house 15 times.

Taking a truck down a narrow country lane that is obviously too small for the vehicle or driving a bus into a river and keep going till you are half-submereged because some technological advice tells you to, makes you a shining example of a lack of common sense and highlights our society's new slavish dependence on technology.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Of Men and Boots

Women love to shop for shoes, they will have dozens of pairs of shoes in different colors for every occasion. Guys aren't like that, shoes are for specific purposes. Some shoes are for running or sports, some for harsh weather and some, like steel toe shoes, are simply to keep your feet and toes intact when you work jobs like construction.

A well-made and sturdy pair of boots is important for many occupations and hobbies, from construction to hunting. But whether you want outdoor boots, workboots or steel-toed boots, you don't want to waste time and money going from store to store only to find that you've ended up with an inferior product.

If you're looking for quality and convenience, try for a selection of top-name, high-quality boots and the ease of purchasing online. Save your feet a trip to the mall and protect them in quality work boots for every need.

Yeti Hairs Found ?

The shadow of the Abominable Snowman is looming large again, this time because of two hairs found in the mountains of north-east India. The strands of hair are being analyzed but have not yet been identified and are being hailed as possible proof that the Yeti really does exist.

The Yeti, like Sasquatch (Bigfoot) is a legend amongst native peoples that only became a part of the global consciousness in the 20th century. When westerners started climbing Everest, news of the possible existence of a mysterious human-like ape or ape-like human started to be spread. Even Sir Edmund Hillary claimed to have seen footprints belonging to the Yeti.

But what if they find these hairs are just the hairs of the brown or black bear? I don't think it will matter at all. The legend of the Yeti is as important as the legend of Bigfoot or Loch Ness. They are historical beings despite never having been proven to exist. They fill an important place in pop culture. They provide mystery, and with our advancement in knowledge and technology, mystery is hard to come by. Is it any wonder that all these mysterious beings were suddenly thrust into the spotlight during the last century? The same century that saw an explosion of scientific and technological knowledge?

The paranormal, ghosts, Bigfoot, Nessie and the Abominable Snowman all offer that element of the unknown that our human minds crave. Humans for millenia passed on legends and stories by the light of a campfire, instilling fear and awe in the listeners. Today's legends are no less important, they let us sit and whisper together, express doubts, fears and our belief in something beyond our world of technology and scientific certainties.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hailstones Explode from Toilet

The weather has been pretty strange in Eisen-stadt, Austria where Martin Bierbauer lives. But he was shocked when he was driven off his toilet when hailstones shot up through the U-bend and blasted out of the bowl.

Another resident of the apartment building tried to hold back the torrent of large hailstones coming from her toilet by putting a board over the bowl and sitting on it, but the pressure behind them was too great. Bierbauer and other residents of the apartment building fled into the streets as the icy pellets continued to explode from their toilets.

Extremely warm weather followed by cold snaps and freak ice storms had left hailstones clogging the drainage pipes and caused growing pressure in the pipes. According to a council spokesman, they had to go somewhere.


Friday, July 18, 2008

World Biofuels Industry Challenges OPEC on Biofuels Future

Despite the fact that a recent Merrill Lynch analysis shows that biofuels keep the world oil prices 15 % lower than they otherwise would be, OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ) has accused the biofuels industry of being at least partly to blame for rising crude oil prices.

Answering this charge are the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA), the European Bioethanol Fuel Associations, the Brazilian Sugarcane and Ethanol Industry Association (UNICA) and the US Renewable Fuels Association in their World Biofuels Industry Open Letter to OPEC.

The open letter appeared as a full page ad in the Financial Times. The goal is to try to counter the misleading information from OPEC about the future of biofuels and the effect they may have in alleviating the energy crisis.

It seems fairly logical that OPEC would fear the rise of alternative energy sources, like biofuels, that might cut into their profits. Have a look at the full letter at the link above and judge for yourself.

Police Officer Fired for Demanding Free Coffee

There are always jokes about policemen at the coffee shop, sipping coffee and eating donuts. But for one Daytona Beach police officer, his caffeine addiction led to being fired from the police force.

Seems that Lt. Major Garvin has been the recipient of a lot of free coffee at the local Starbucks, but not because the manager was overly fond of him. Employees complained that Garvin would simply cut the line and go past all the other customers waiting so that he could be served first. Apparently he came into the store several times a night, demanding free coffee. According to employees, they were told that not providing the free coffee would mean that police response times would be slower in the future.

A former manager apparently gave out coffee as freebies to police officers, but that really is no excuse. The present manager did not, and for a police officer to threaten that the police would not respond to an emergency in as rapid a time frame cannot be excused.

I applaud Police Chief Mike Chitwood's fast response in firing this guy. He's a disgrace to police officers everywhere. And I would like to thank Lt. Major Garvin for being so stupid, because the final blow for Garvin was the fact that he utterly failed the polygraph test he himself insisted on taking.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's Your Bills IQ?

How savvy are you when it comes to your own personal finances? What factors affect your credit score the most? Can you survive bankruptcy? Do you know what to save and when? How much savings do you need for an emergency? Have you put aside enough for retirement? Is there even time?

When it comes to finances, what is your Bills IQ? Take this nifty little test and find out. Answer a few simple questions about your debt, bill-paying habits and savings and they'll tell you what your total Bills IQ is.

Not surprisingly, I got a failing grade. Now, this is not because I am completely in the dark about which financial practices are good and which aren't, but mostly because I am still working on fixing credit and debt mistakes of the past. So, I wasn't surprised to find out that I could handle my finances better than I do, but what did surprise me were my honest answers to certain questions.

I would have liked to have picked better answers but the truth is, a lot of times I make the wrong choices when it comes to debt, credit and planning for retirement. We all do, because without the right advice, we are likely to think in terms of the "now" and what's expedient. We should all strive to make better choices.

That's what Bills IQ is all about - discovering what it is that you do now that is detrimental to your financial picture and getting the help and the expert advice to start doing those things that are beneficial.

What's your Bills IQ? Take the test and find out, you might be surprised.

Man Trades Son's Name for $100 Gas

When a local radio station in Florida ran a contest looking for the most interesting item to trade for $100 worth of gasoline, David Partin was listening. And it was Partin who came up with the most unusual offer they had received - the chance to name his unborn son.

When David Partin's son is born in December, he will be named "Dixon and Willoughby" Partin. The "and" is included in the first name. The child will be named for radio hosts Richard Dixon and J Willoughby. Partin wisely decided against allowed "With Radio's Alan Spector" as a middle name.

Parents giving their children weird names isn't anything new, in fact, it's something of a parlor game for celebrities who search worldwide for the oddest names they can find. I think the winner of that contest has to be Shannyn Sossamon who named her son Audio Science.

But how Partin and girlfriend Samantha Bailey will explain to little Dixon and Willoughby how his future was traded for what amounts to a couple of weeks' worth of gas is another story.

Friday, July 11, 2008

$8 Glasses a Deal says Fox

This story isn't surprising. There's a website where you can get quality frames and lenses but for some people, it will be harder to do because you might not get your optometrist's office to release your full prescription details to you. See the story at Zenni on Fox.

The good news is that at, it's possible to get a stylish and functional pair of prescription glasses for ultra-low prices - even as low as $8. Zenni has many styles and colors to choose from for the frames and as you can see by the video, the prescriptions were perfect according to the optometrist who checked them out.

Air Traffic Controller Ad in Braille

I think I am just as sensitive as the next guy and none of us want to see discrimination against anyone in terms of jobs and access, so it's great that things like ATMs have instructions in Braille and headphones even for people who are blind. I have always questioned the necessity of instructions in Braille on drive-up ATMs, because, well we certainly don't want to encourage that sort of thing - driving while blind, I mean.

By the same token, it might be unwise to be an air traffic controller if you don't have very keen vision. But that didn't stop the operators of the St. Mary's airport on the Isles of Scilly from offering the air traffic controller job application in Braille.

The Isles of Scilly off the southwestern coast of Cornwall

Airport officials are probably in the right to fear the repercussions of perceived political incorrectness in not offering the application in Braille, even though the job description states you must have 20/20 vision. There is nothing worse than being labelled "politically incorrect".

Therefore, the advertisment fotr the job states "If you require this document in an alternative language, in larger text, Braille, easy read or in an audio format, please contact the Community Relations Officer."

Remind me not to fly to the Isles of Scilly any time soon.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Airline Credit Card Reviews

If you travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, you probably will want to have an Airline Miles Credit Card. Having one entitles you to reward points on every purchase that can be used towards future air fare, car rentals, and hotel accomodations. Not sure which card is right for you or which has the best terms and rewards? offers you a brief and informative overview of the top airline credit cards and the individual benefits of each. If you like to research before you sign an agreement, you should have a look to make sure you're getting the best deal there is.

He's a Gas, Gas, Gas!

He's a musician of a unique sort. He's the world's greatest flatulist. No not floutist, flatulist. Paul Oldfield plays his very own wind instrument making music the old-fashioned way - through his digestive system.

Oldfield, who calls himself Mr. Methane, says he discovered his unique talent while practicing yoga. He found that not only could he take in and retain air through the rear, he could expel it at will and even pop out a tune.

This talented musician can play several tunes including the classic Blue Danube Waltz by Strauss. In addition to being a star on Japanese TV, Oldfield will appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he promises to "blow audiences away".

You can learn more about Mr. Methane and his music at

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thief Steals Van - Saves Neighborhood from car bomb

Parking his van on a busy Brooklyn street and leaving it there has turned out to be a big problem for one man.

Have you ever left your car in a parking spot too long and returned to find a ticket on your windshield? How about those meters that only let you load up enough change for one hour? Well we've all had those parking problems, but for Yung Tang, 39, a Chinese national, it took almost five months for the meter to run out.

It wasn't until a thief broke into and stole Tang's van that the trouble started. The thief noticed that the van was rigged with explosives, like a bomb. He drove the van out of the heavily populated residential area and called the police.

According to police, the bomb in the van exactly matched another case involving a Mazda MPV belonging to Tang. He had been charged in May with the attempted murder of a commercial tenant using a vehicle loaded with explosives.

The thief has not been charged - apparently he called a police officer he knew from some former trouble with the law.

No one asked why the van was allowed to remain parked on 53rd street in Brooklyn for five months without being ticketed or towed.