Thursday, February 28, 2008

Top 10 Bad Credit Offers

If you've messed up your credit due to youthful inexperience, job loss or just made mistakes with your finances, the system of credit rating seems unforgiving and unlikely to forget. But you can build better credit for your future by taking advantage of the credit offers you do get, and then being reliable with both spending and making on-time payments.

Luckily, there are companies willing to make offers of credit to people who have bad credit. A list of the top 10 credit cards - bad credit offers can be found at this link. If you're looking for a second chance, review the offers - each one is linked to an online credit application.

Take an informed step towards your financial future by reviewing the offers at

Where Not to Store Explosives 101

Fixing the family dinner nearly cost Tracy Shimkus her life. The Pitman, NJ woman was seriously injured by an explosion in her kitchen, which police originally thought was caused by the oven. But it seems it was not the oven to blame at all, Tracy was just cooking in a kitchen that was a time bomb - literally.

Husband Stephen Shimkus, a 44-year-old carpenter, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child, possessing a destructive device, creating a risk of widespread injury or damage and unlawful possession of a weapon. Seems Stephen has this odd hobby of making homemade bombs, many of which were stored in the kitchen and may have been stored in the oven.

Police state the bombs were full of pellets and were designed to cause human injuries. Sounds like a strange and dangerous hobby to me. Storing an explosive device in the oven doesn't sound exactly brilliant, either.

Commercial Mortgages - how loans differ

Despite the credit crunch and the downswing in the housing market, commercial mortgages are an entirely different sector of the mortgage and banking business and there is still optimism on some fronts and even expansion into the commercial area.

Commercial loans differ from home loans as it is the property that is expected to generate income, not the owner. The bank looks at the debt coverage ratio to determine if the business or property generates enough income to cover the mortgage payments. Personal credit histories usually are not part of the calculations.

As with a residential mortgage, there is some required documentation but as I mentioned, unless your credit score is unusually low, your own personal credit will not be taken into consideration.

The best way to get the best Commercial Mortgage is very much the same, however, as it is for a residential loan. You need to get the lender to compete for your business and don't sign until you find the best interest rates and terms available.

Using an online service can save you time as well as money. It's even easier because you let someone else do the search for you and present only the best offers to you. Specialists who understand the commercial loan business can advise you on the right mortgage for you.

The Men in Boo

When the police in Romania give up because they can't control the local vandals, they call in the priests. Why? Because they say, the offenders are ghosts.

Police investigated reports of flying objects, windows being broken and even bicycles being thrown through the air without any visible means of propulsion. After dodging the items themselves, they concluded that the residents of the affected homes were correct and it was poltergeist activity.

A police spokesman said: "There were bottles and things flying around. I did not know what to dodge first. We can find nothing to suggest it was anything other than what the people claim."

After that, police retreated and called for exorcisms to be held, as it was impossible for them to hold the perpetrators with handcuffs, even if they managed to catch them.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who Needs a Home Security System?

Do you need a home security and alarm system? When you consider that a burglary takes place every 15.4 seconds, then you may decide that making your home secure and your possessions safe is a priority.

When I was growing up in my small hometown, nobody ever locked their doors. The neighborhoods were quiet and safe, with plenty of neighbors who looked out for one another. Today, most houses are empty from dawn until dusk while the owners are at work, and there are no neighbors keeping watch. Just a quick view of the newspaper from my hometown now shows a variety of break-ins and other crimes that were unheard of when I was a kid.

If you think you need a security system, you probably do - even if it's for your own peace of mind. There are many different types of Home Security Systems that have different features and offer varying levels of security. They also come in a wide price range. You can purchase DIY systems that you install or choose professional installation. You can sign up for a service that monitors your security system.

If you have questions about whether you need an security and alarm system, what kind you need and how to install one, then you should read these articles on Home Security Systems.

The End is Not Near - but it's coming

The Earth has been through a lot recently (of course I use the term recently in comparison with the 5 billion year history of the Earth) - ice ages, medieval warming, a little ice age again, then the Dust Bowl, then global cooling in the 70s, then Al Gore and global warming and just this past year we have had record snowfall and cold temperatures with Arctic ice increasing to beyond usual maximum. So where is it all leading?

Dr. Robert Smith, Emeritus Reader in Astronomy at the University of Sussex knows and he even has answers for those of you who want a glimpse of the future. Dr. Smith says the future is hot - very hot. He also knows exactly when the world will end.

According to Dr. Smith, the Earth will cease to exist in 7.6 billion years when it is captured by the sun as it becomes a red giant and will be vaporized completely.

But humans don't really have to worry about that, because all life on Earth will be extinguished long before then, in about 1 billion years. There, doesn't that make you feel better? Yes, I thought I heard a sigh of relief.

But scientists are not sure they are going to take this lying down. They are even now speculating about ways to keep the Earth from being incinerated by the Sun's expansion. They hope to be able to encourage and harness the gravitational effects of a close asteroid pass to give the Earth a boost into an orbit that is a little further away from the Sun.

Although that seems to be only postponing the inevitable, it could end up having some unwanted consequences, like a miscalculation that causes an asteroid to strike Earth - possibly wiping out all life. Or they could be too successful and push the Earth far enough away that it turns into a frozen lump of rock. It's exciting, isn't it? We still have the possibility of a surprise ending.

Still, we must have faith in science - after all, only scientists could think up so many disaster scenarios in such a short space of time. In just the last century they have given us total destruction as a result of overpopulation, pollution, pesticides, global cooling, global warming, disappearing dirt and a host of others. Without scientists the only horror stories in the news would be about Britney Spears on her course of self-destruction or Posh Spice and her lack of fashion sense.

Thank God for scientists.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puppy Prozac

Is your daschund depressed? Is your poodle feeling pessimistic? Does your kitty seem crestfallen? Pets who can't discuss their problems with therapists can now get a mood boost with prescription anti-depressants.

Pharmaceutical companies are now making the equivalent of puppy Prozac, medications specifically for depressed pets - going so far as to make a chewable anti-depressant for dogs that tastes like beef.

Parrots are a different matter, in that isolation and lack of interaction can make them self-harm. People often buy tropical birds and leave them alone for long periods - being flock animals and very intelligent, they don't cope well with being alone. They are known to have psychological problems and even pluck out all their own feathers when subjected to severe loneliness. According to veterinarian Romain Pizzi, treating them with Prozac helps to a degree in the most severe cases.

But how do you know if your dog or cat is depressed? According to the article in the Telegraph "recent research suggested that as many as 632,000 cats and dogs in the UK area (are) affected".

Symptoms include pretty much any normal and destructive behavior that puppies and kittens are likely to engage in, such as chewing furniture.

The best cure for a pet who is acting out to get your attention is to simply pay him more attention and treat him lovingly. But that won't make the pharmaceutical companies any money, so they are creating this sub-class of dejected pets who need medicating.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Training is Key to Success

Many years ago I worked in a position at an exclusive and high-end shop that catered to customers with a large amount of disposable income to spend on expensive outerwear. The job paid commission as well and on some of the higher priced items, a salesperson could make a killing. Unfortunately, I never made a killing.

One reason was the manager. She was completely at a loss when it came to interpersonal skills and when she decided to hold a training session on the security system, she demonstrated her lack of understanding of the system instead of the correct procedures. Sales training was nil, and the sales force was lucky to move any items with her quirky methods.

Training is the key to success in sales and management. If you want to have a successful sales crew, you have to offer them proper and effective training. I wish this company knew that and knew how to deliver it.

If you don't have a training program in place but need one, don't leave the training to unskilled trainers, seek a program from professionals. For instance, this company, Avand, offers a service that finds Sales Training UK as well as management training programs for companies. There's no reason to lose sales and lose staff. Get the right training in place, your employees will thank you and you will be rewarded with a more professional and productive sales staff.

I won't ever bother again with a sales job for which no real training is given. Sales staff want to succeed, companies that don't offer meaningful training only let them down.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's a Hit! - Missile Shot on Satellite Successful

The Pentagon announced that the missile shot to blow up the falling spy satellite was a hit but won't know for 24 hours whether or not they succeeded in mking a direct hit on the fuel tank. The missile was fired from the USS Erie at 10:26pm Wednesday night.

They have reported seeing debris already beginning re-entry and stated that so far they have seen nothing larger than a football.

The decision to shoot down the satellite was made to avoid the possibility of it landing in populated areas. The main concern was for the fuel tank of hydrazine, which could cause a toxic cloud and would be very dangerous to human populations.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Man's Garage is His Castle

There's one place that a man feels really at home - in his garage. Give a guy a garage or even a shed to use as a workshop or for tool storage and he's a happy man. A man's garage is his castle.

If the garden is his passion, he needs a place to store those all-important garden tools, the weed-whacker and that sleek ride-on mower. I think a shed or garage also gives him a place that doesn't have any homey touches, no decor, just guy stuff. Tools, grease, cars... whatever.

A garage can also be transformed into a workshop for the amateur woodworker or furniture maker. Nothing like the hum of a table saw reverberating off the walls of your own workshop.

If you're not lucky enough to already have a garage, then you can contact a company that sets up sheds and Garages. Solid concrete construction to be used anyway you like, for whatever purpose. And they are available in many different sizes and styles. Even if all you need is a shed for garden tools, it can be a decorative addition to your property and add value as well. In fact, adding a garage can increase your property's value greatly.

Lidget has been making solidly constructed and attractive concrete garages for 30 years and will deliver and set up the same day. What could you use a garage for?

Sky News

It's a big week for skywatchers and those who keep an eye on celestial happenings. Up is the direction for your attention if you want to take in the excitement.

First we had a meteor spotting in the Pacific northwest. Hundreds of callers alerted TV stations in Oregon, Idaho and Washington state to the streaking ball of light they had seen in the sky. A surveillance camera caught the light show and sonic booms were reported across three states. No meteor has been found, despite witnesses who felt sure they had seen it land.

We also have a lunar eclipse coming up, that would be visible across North America if not for some widespread cloud cover. If you are in an area of clear skies, look up and watch the moon disappear. It's the last lunar eclipse until 2010.

Possibly the most exciting and mysterious sky news will be the shooting down of the spy satellite that is falling to earth. The government says they will shoot it down because of the risk of a full tank of rocket fuel being dispersed into the atmosphere. Rocket fuel, or hydrazine, is extremely toxic.

Weather conditions may delay the operation till Thursday, but if all goes well, they will take their first shot at it tonight, somewhere over the Pacific ocean. Numerous countries, including China and Russia have expressed concern and accused the US of simply conducting a weapons test.

At least they intend to blow up the satellite at such a height that it continues to fall and burn up in the atmosphere. China conducted a missile test on an old weather satellite that left hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris in orbit around the planet.

It's possible that this dysfunctional satellite has provided us with a good opportunity to test our ability to shoot down objects in space, and it's possible that the satellite contains sensitive information that the government doesn't want anyone to get hold of. It's also possible that it is really a question of safety. Whatever the reason, it will be a great show.

No Way Out

The local graveyard in Marano, Italy is very exclusive - in fact, people are dying to get in. The problem? They've run out of room.

To avoid the problem of corpses stacking up at the morgue, officials made 48 new, emergency graves. Due to the limited number of final resting places, town officials decided the only fair way to distribute them was to hold a lottery and are selling tickets. Winning the lottery will guarantee that you will get a plot.

The town plans on building a new cemetery with 1,000 available plots but in the meantime, dying in Marano is a risky business.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Man Threatens to Detonate Bomb with TV Remote

Open any news site on any given day and someone, somewhere will have detonated a bomb - some will be wearing it at the time. Since any Tom, Dick, or hairy teenager with acne can find out how to build a bomb on the internet, it's no wonder that the public is getting more skittish about bomb threats than ever before.

That's why when a man in Brisbane, Australia, threatened to blow up the Fairways Golf and Lifestyle Retreat where he lived, the police declared a state of emergency and sent elite paramilitary police out to deal with the situation.

But Geoffrey Fryatt, 57, who had been drinking for a while before the incident and was distraught over losing more than half his life's savings in an investment scam, hadn't actually planted a bomb. And the device he held in his hand as he shouted "One push of the button will blow up half of Brisbane" was only his TV remote control.

Pleading his case, his lawyer cited the distressed mental state of his client and at his sentencing today, Fryatt was given probation. Fryatt stated his concerns that the probation might interfere with his plans to do humanitarian aid work overseas. But the judge was unsympathetic to Fryatt's plight.

"Let's get you right before we send you off to a third world country," the judge said.

That in itself may be an act of humanitarian aid.

Monday, February 04, 2008

National Sickie Day

If you went to work today you are obviously not observing National Sickie Day. More than 30,000 employees will call in sick today, Monday, February 4, 2008.

Just because you never heard of National Sickie Day before doesn't mean you have never observed it. Apparently, the first Monday in February is when the winter blahs overcome the work ethic and more people call in sick than on any other day of the year. Chances are, you've done it at least once in your life.

But rather than National Sickie Day, wouldn't you prefer a National "Get Out of Work Free" Day? You know, one day a year you get to call out of work without having any good excuse at all, or even needing to give one?
You just call your boss and tell him you are exercising your "free" day.

Okay, that's unlikely to catch on, employers don't want people out of work and no one is ever going to recognize that employees are just human beings with the occasional need to suddenly run off to the beach or spend the whole day in their pyjamas, watching movies and eating junk food.

Most people call that a "mental health day", a day you need that is not officially sanctioned by employers for a condition that is not officially recognized by any serious medical association.

Maybe that's what National Sickie Day really is.


Friday, February 01, 2008

The Electric Slider

Have you ever heard someone say they are "charged up" over something? Or heard a musical artist's performance described as "electric"? Well, it may be that these people are "Sliders".

The term "sliders" comes from SLI, or Street Light Interference syndrome. These are people who actually believe that the electrical charge from their bodies causes street lights to flicker or go out.

Deniers of course say that street lights flicker or go out all the time and if it happens while you are there, then it's probably coincidence. But Sliders are convinced that they have an effect on all electrical appliances around them. Experts say that no one has ever proved the theory and cite the story of a man who filmed himself walking under street lamps for 3 hours until one finally went out, an occurrence he took credit for.

The Daily Mail has the personal story of one Slider, Debbie Wolf, who claims to drain the batteries from TV remotes and defrost refrigerators.

My lights go out all the time, but I just put it down to the fact that I buy cheap light bulbs, go figure. I also just realized that the street light outside my house comes on in the middle of the afternoon and turns off not long after it gets dark. And every single cheap DVD player I buy breaks within 6 months, including the ones that I spilled things on.

Folks, I am a Slider - just wanted to warn you.