Thursday, January 31, 2008

If You're Eating This, Say Aaahhh

We've all heard people complain about hospital food and why not? If you're in the hospital, you're sick and probably grumpy. On top of that they won't bring you any unhealthy, sticky, gooey, sugary treats and your hamburger has all the palette appeal of cardboard. And for dessert, what else? Lime jello. School cafeterias and hospitals seem to be the only places you actually see lime jello. If it weren't for the institutional market, the lime variety of jello might become extinct.

But a doctor in Izola, Slovenia had even more reason to complain about the chicken rissoto he ordered in the hospital canteen. After vigorously arguing with canteen staff and pointing out that there was a piece of meat in his dinner that was definitely not chicken, they sent the suspect ingredient back to the lab for testing. The result? It was a part of a human tongue.

No one knows for sure how the tongue got into the food at the canteen but
a spokesman for the canteen told the local paper "I can say clearly that we have never used patients parts in any of our dishes."


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weight Loss - The Lap Band is Better

I just read a story in the news about a man who had electrodes implanted in his brain to try to cure his obesity by curbing his appetite. The surgery didn't work but someone has to be serious about losing weight to go for something that invasive. The traditional gastric bypass surgery, where they cut your stomach and staple it, is pretty invasive as well. I can't even imagine how desperate you have to be to have someone drill a hole into your skull.

Luckily for people with a BMI of 35 or over and who are seeking help in losing weight, Lap-Band surgery provides a less invasive surgical technique that yields a steady and healthy rate of weight loss. Lap-Band is done laparoscopically, so only tiny incisions are made - there is much less scarring and recovery time is a matter of days.

Anyone considering Lap-Band surgery should get more information to find out if the procedure is right for them. If you're in Texas, you could attend a free seminar on Woodlands lap-band, just go to the site for more information. Richard Collier, MD, is a surgeon who has been doing laparoscopic surgeries for seventeen years.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a prime concern for everyone who wants to stay fit and live well. Get the facts and make an informed decision about your weight loss options.

Falling Spy Satellite Could Hit US

The spy satellite that is dropping out of orbit could very possibly come down somewhere in North America. As it enters the atmosphere, it will break up and begin to burn, but some pieces of it will strike Earth and they may fall anywhere. At this point, no one knows.

Although the satellite lost power shortly after launch and has been uncontrolled and useless, it is still classified, so we aren't getting much information.

Where the satellite will land cannot be estimated until it falls to an altitude of about 59 miles and it begins re-entry. The satellite is estimated to be at an altitude of 173 miles currently.

The satellite may have engines containing hydrazine, or rocket fuel, which would be toxic if released.

News Story

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Drunk Man Arrested for Riding Lawnmower

It takes a special kind of stupid to drive a lawnmower in the snow. But driving drunk on your lawnmower in the snow to get to the liquor store is an act of stupidity that defies classification.

Seems Frank Kozumplik, 49 of Adrian, MI, had a problem. He was out of wine and his wife had the car. So Frank did what anyone would do in that situation, he climbed aboard his John Deere tractor and headed for town.

Police stopped Frank as he drove down the center of a street on his way home, and found four bottles of wine in his bag. They also found he had a blood alcohol level that was more that two times the legal limit.

The police arrested Frank and confiscated the lawnmower. I suppose Frank can make up some plausible story to tell his wife without mentioning that he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but I wonder what he'll tell her when she asks where the lawnmower is?


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mac Games and More

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Alien Sheep Circles

Sheep are docile creatures with no discernible intelligence. They taste good with mint jelly and their wool makes nice coats, but are the sheep hiding a dastardly secret? Could sheep be the link to extraterrestial communication?

For years, mysterious crop circles have been showing up in farm fields around the world. Some have been explained and proven to be man-made but the origins and manufacture of a percentage of them is still uncertain. Many believe they are being made by aliens as some sort of sign. We don't know what the message is yet since no one can read alien hieroglyphics.

Farms may still be the target destination for aliens, and although we can't be sure why, it's possible that they are now sending their messages through farm animals. Sheep in a field in Herefordshire, England were photographed standing in the formation of a perfect circle, reminiscent of the crop circles left in other fields. The photographer who caught this moment on film said that he saw the same phenomenon in a neighboring field but was unable to take the shot.

Are sheep forming a living alien circle?
See the photo and the story at The Daily Mail

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tubus Racing Takes on Dakar 2009

With the 2008 Dakar Rally canceled due to threats of terrorism, Sweden's plucky Tubus Racing team is looking ahead to 2009 when they will be only the second Swedish team to enter the Dakar rally in 29 years. With backing from Isuzu, they will be showcasing the new 3.0 liter turbo diesel ISUZU D-Max and relying on it and their skills to take them cross country amidst the eclectic mix of vehicles that attempt the desert crossing.

Traditionally the rally, an off-road endurance race, ends in Dakar regardless of the point of origin. The first rally from Paris to Dakar in 1978 was the invention of Thierry Sabine who decided the desert was a perfect place for a race after having got thorougly lost there. As of this writing, it appears that the ASO has confirmed South America as the venue for the 2009 race. I suppose it's all they can do, given the spectre of terrorism disrupting the race, but it's a shame to have to break with tradition.

Team driver Pelle Wallentheim and navigator Olle Ohlsson each have an impressive number of years in motorsport and desert racing. Looking forward with high hopes to 2009, the team is also planning on putting forth their best racing colors by way of a new paint design for the Isuzu Vehi-Cross. A few designs have been proposed, each proudly displaying the colors of the Swedish flag. Pelle and Olle are extending the invitation to their fans to pick the new design by way of a vote on their website. To view the designs and vote, go here

What's not well known is that Pelle is a cancer survivor who is racing to show that you don't have to let the disease slow you down and that everyone can chase their dreams and accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, it seems he will have to wait to 2009 for his chance at Dakar.

Life on Mars Captured on Film

Back in 1976, images of Mars from the Viking orbiter fired imaginations and set off decades of speculation and theories. The famous photo below sparked hope in those watching the skies for signs of extraterrestrial life. Who but an advanced civilization could build a structure resembling a human face that could be seen only from space?

Subsequent pictures taken by more sophisticated equipment yielded a more close-up view of the "face" and show that it's just an eroded rock formation. That put an end to much of the speculation, but not all, for there are some that believe that this image still shows signs of being constructed and is not a natural phenomenon.

And things are bound to get worse now that some avid Mars buffs have spent four years looking at a picture of the Mars landscape as taken by NASA's explorer vehicle, Spirit, and found this:

Yes, as you guessed, they believe this is a picture of an alien being walking across the surface of the red planet. A real Martian!

I know that clear heads will see this as just a strange and wind-carved stone formation (especially as the colors match the rocks around them) but others feel we may not know the truth until we land humans on Mars itself.

Unfortunately, even a manned space flight to Mars may not settle the issue. Remember, we sent men to the moon in 1969, but the conspiracy theory that it all was filmed on a Hollywood backlot continues to thrive. So when men land on Mars and report that this image is really just a rock don't be surprised if there are those who don't believe them. Even if we send colonists to Mars one day, we will be informed that they have been frightened into silence by the government.

So it really doesn't matter if either or both of these photos is proved to be nothing more than rock formations or naturally-shaped outcroppings of stone - conspiracy theories are fun, a lot more fun that the truth. For my money, there's a face on Mars and now we have a picture of one of the guys who built it. And what's more important, proof that Martians are, in fact, little green men.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Online Degrees Advance Your Career

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Bild Likens Cruise Speech To Goebbels

The Church of Scientology is demanding an apology from a German newspaper that likened Tom Cruise's Scientology recruitment speech to the propaganda of Joseph Goebbels. Scientology is not a recognized religion in Germany.

The leaked video tapes of Cruise's speech about Scientology have popped up on the internet and been taken down nearly as quickly as they appeared. However hard the Church of Scientology tries, however, they haven't been able to totally quash it and the video is still available on some sites.

The German paper Bild published comments from a historian who compared Cruise's speech to one given by Goebbels.
Scientologists hit back at German newspaper over Cruise-Goebbels comparison

Disappearing Dirt

If you've been concerned about Global Warming Trends and the destruction of the planet, but find yourself growing bored then why not branch out into other catastrophic earth-obliterating scenarios? Currently moving up the list of acceptable doom-mongering is the planet-wide dirt crisis.

Basically, the environmentalists warn us, we're losing our dirt. That's right, our dirt is just washing away and soon all the topsoil will have eroded into only memory.

Where's all the dirt going?

Of course it stands to reason that farmed land will lose nutrients from the soil but haven't farmers been aware of this for some time? This is why some fields lay fallow for a season or two, to recover before being planted again. The Dustbowl of the 1930s taught us a lot about erosion and overuse, and we haven't had another since.

Naturally, one of the staunch supporters of the "disappearing dirt" theory is Paul Erlich. In case you don't remember, he's the guy that wrote "The Population Bomb" in 1968 which predicted in part:

'The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will
undergo famines hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death...'nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate...( America's) 'vast agricultural surpluses are gone.'

According to Erlich's 1968 book, all our natural resources ran out decades ago and we're all dead. The truth is that food production has increased every year since 1941. People don't starve because there isn't enough food in the world, it's because their governments let them starve, civil strife and wars devastate the land and farming ceases. Erlich has been making such doomsday predictions since the early sixties - overpopulation, pesticides poisoning the oceans, mass starvation across the planet, the downfall of America - he's yet to be right about one of them.

And now, we will soon be out of dirt. Sources I consulted differ on the rate of topsoil production, one stating that it takes 100-200 years to make an inch of topsoil with others putting it closer to 500 years to make the same amount. I have two kids and I would estimate they make an inch of dirt about every 10-15 minutes. Maybe I should just compost what I find under the couch and save the planet.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

McDonald's Calls Cops on Elderly Woman at Drive-thru

Okay, we've all been a bit miffed at the car ahead of us in the drive-thru as we await our turn to pick up our bag of love handles and clogged arteries. In fact, we might be seen expressing our impatience by the store camera as it picks up images of our mouths moving to form silent curses and a hand slamming the dashboard. Some may even sound a horn as a form of encouragement to the seemingly stalled driver - you know, just to let them know that it's time to move forward.

And then, after struggling to understand the garbled voice at the speaker, gaining access to the payment window and crawling along finally to our destination - the food window - we are told that it will be a few more minutes, our food isn't ready yet. What? Not ready? How is it possible not to have it ready? Aren't all those burgers make in the replicator on the Star Ship Enterprise anyway?

Well one grandmother in Clearwater Florida decided that to ask her to pull over so the employees could have just a little more time to prepare her coffee and french fries was a bit too much. She refused to move forward in the drive-thru without her food. McDonald's employees, instead of trying to satisfy the customer, called police and had her arrested for disorderly conduct.

Coffee and french fries? She didn't order a slew of burgers all without pickles or with extra cheese. This is a fairly simple order, how can McDonald's not have french fries ready? Coffee? It boggles the mind.

Okay, the people behind her wanted to get moving on, like I said, we all get antsy in lines. But if they didn't have coffee and french fries ready, the rest of the customers in line were probably not going to fare any better.

I myself have had some surreal experiences in McDonald's drive-thrus, such as being asked repeatedly by the disembodied voice at the order screen to move to a spot directly ahead of me that was already being occupied by another vehicle. My explanations of the impossibility of two bodies of matter occupying the same position in space were ignored and the call to move on repeated with rising insistence. Once, after having waited patiently at an abandoned payment window for what seemed a sufficient length of time to be sure that the cashier had no intention of returning to man the register, I moved on and was soundly chastised by no less than the manager at the next window for having failed to pay the phantom cashier - they are too busy at the food window to process payments.

Let's face it, there is always going to be some frustration in anything that has "fast" as part of its name and we should all learn a little patience and simmer down. But to not have coffee ready and fail to understand the frustration of a customer who has already paid you but not received her purchased product is a definite failure on the establishment in question. Calling the police on an old lady over that same cup of coffee is simply beyond belief.

Police: Grandmother Arrested At McDonald's Drive-Thru For Not Pulling Car Forward

Tinkywinky Spice

I know it's not nice to make fun of Posh Spice even though the animated stick figure and psuedo fashion icon is continually in the news looking more and more like Clown Spice as she displays her surgically whittled figure and freakish fashion sense.

Still, I couldn't resist sharing this from the Daily Mail about Posh's upcoming appearance in fashion designer Marc Jacob's spring ad campaign.

See, they were right when they said Teletubbies were evil.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LunarPages Makes Offer to DreamHost Customers

Hundreds of customers of DreamHost woke up feeling lighter this morning - lighter in the wallet that is. Over a 12 hour period, DreamHost overbilled customers a whopping 7.5 million dollars. Customers found their credit and debit cards had been tripled billed, in some cases up to $9,000.

In a strange twist, the last DreamHost newsletter told customers of DH's new offices and
prophetically proclaimed "If your next web hosting bill from us is mysteriously tripled, now you know why."

I'm sure Josh Jones is kicking himself right now for having written that, since that is exactly what happened. Now DH is scrambling to fix the mess but a lot of customers are seriously disgruntled and ready to bolt. Adding insult to injury may have been the tone of the blog post apologizing for the error. Jones quotes the prophetic sentence from his last newsletter and says "you thought it was a joke! Ha, the joke is on you! I guess. Um, okay, no, not really, I’m sorry." He goes on to explain and make his excuses but even though he apologizes for the joking tone, it's too late. For customers who woke up this morning with an overdrawn bank account and no money to pay the rent, it's too late.

The picture of Homer Simpson and the "fat finger" that caused all the problem didn't go over well with a lot of DH customers judging by the comments. The light, joking tone didn't relieve the tension, it seemed to cause it. Being young, hip and cool just wasn't enough to win friends and influence people. What he needed to do was to seriously address the huge problems this could cause for people whose accounts and possible credit scores were hit by this error.

The good news for those who are still reeling is Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers. They're offering a coupon for $40 off hosting at Lunarpages and will buy out the time on your contract (up to 9 months). It looks like Josh Jones mistake could end up costing him a lot of customers and good will and Lunarpages is taking the opportunity to extend good will and a deal to DH customers who want to jump ship.

Church of Scientology Accuses Gawker of copyright infringement

As expected, the Church of Scientology has responded to Gawker's posting of the Tom Cruise Scientology recruitment video by accusing Gawker of copyright infringement.

In the letter from their attorney, the Church of Scientology states that this viceo is meant only to be used in Scientology churches around the world. After viewing it, I can see why they don't the general public to see it. Cruise rambles without a point while claiming that only Scientologists can help unite the world, only Scientology can save us.

It's obviously a great coup to snag a major film star if you are promoting a cult, but less vocal and less ridiculous spokesmen are available. John Travolta, for example. What the Church of Scientology doesn't seem to understand is that it doesn't matter how famous your spokesman is, as soon as he starts acting nutty as a fruitcake, we only listen for the giggle factor.

Tom Cruise: Recruiter for the cause

If you want to get a peek at one of the Tom Cruise Scientology indoctrination videos, you better head on over to before this one disappears too. These videos are popping up here and there until they are found and removed.

The release of the videos neatly coincides with the publication of “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography" by Andrew Morton. Morton claims that Cruise is now the second in command in Scientology today.

It's not easy to sit through this rambling 9+ minute video. Cruise doesn't seem to make much sense but occasionally mumbles out some scientology jargon and lets us know that only he can save the world. The best bit comes at the end...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, Rats!

In the movie Ratatouille, a field mouse becomes a French chef despite the impossible odds against him. First he's very tiny and that makes it hard to handle utensils and turn on the oven. Secondly, he's a rat, which makes it difficult for him to get into the kitchen at all, what with the human propensity to scream at the sight of a rat in the kitchen.

It looks like this ancient South American rodent might have had some trouble getting into the kitchen as well. But not because his scurrying frame would cause ladies to stand upon their chairs, with skirts raised. This guy wouldn't have been able to through the door.

Paleontologists in Uruguay dug up something that might make us appreciate the modern rat just a little bit more. Because this ancient rat was a lot more. A lot more rat.

Based on the size of his skull, paleontologists say this rat from 4 million years ago was the size of a car and weighed 2.5 tons. The modern rat weighs about 10 ounces.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Man Surprised by Wife in Brothel

A Polish man, sneaking away for a bit of relaxation and fun without the wife, was surprised to see her show up at his favorite hang-out. The guy was visiting a brothel and didn't think he'd get caught, he didn't expect to see his wife show up there.

But it's not what you think, she didn't follow him and confront him over his infidelities. She was already at the brothel before he got there. See, she works there.

She had told her husband she took a job downtown in a shop to make a little extra cash, I guess she forgot to mention just where downtown.

The couple are now getting a divorce, but it seems a shame. They obviously have a lot in common.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Moron in the News

This story actually elicited a tiny bit of sympathy from me. Shakespeare asked "What's in a name?" and it seems, that in this case anyway, the answer is - a lot.

Bryan Scott Moron had a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit, but still, he decided to get in his truck and take a ride. Driving well above the speed limit and intoxicated, the twenty-year-old Moron lost control of his truck. First he took out the mailbox in front of one house and then drove his white Chevy pickup straight into another house.

It has to be difficult growing up to be a responsible citizen with a name like Moron. On the other hand, if his name wasn't Moron, he wouldn't be enjoying this fifteen minutes of fame over such a lame stunt.

Reminds me of the old Hollywood saying "it doesn't matter what the papers print about you as long as they spell your name right".

Relaxing with the Human Touch

After a long day of blogging, my neck muscles are stiff, my back is sore and man, am I ever tired. You know what I need? One of these:

These Massage Chairs by Human Touch provide a professional quality all over body massage, even down to your sore, aching feet. These chairs do amazing things that replicate the techniques used by massage professionals. Like to be in control? Their intuitive controls give you full command over your massage so you can relax while the stress of the day is rolled, kneaded and massaged away.

Massage is great for relaxation, pain relief and improves circulation. Human Touch has analyzed the treatments used by massage therapists, chiropractors and physicians and incorporated them into massage chairs and chair pads that give you the benefits of an expert massage right in the comfort of your own chair.

Russia Will Be First to Mars

Apparently Russia is still steaming about having lost the race to the moon, because they are beefing up efforts to get a manned space flight to Mars.

Getting to Mars first would boost Russian prestige. One wonders if they will lay claim to Mars. They have already claimed the North Pole belongs to them.

"We have something of a head start in this race as we have the most experience in piloted space flight," the director of the prestigious Space Research Institute, Lev Zelyony, told Interfax news agency on Tuesday.

According to Zelyony, Russia plans to have the first man on Mars by 2025. Unfortunately, it won't be Putin.


I Just Want Help and Information

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Letter Says Stacey Peterson is Alive and Well

I read this headline with interest, thinking "wow, could we all really be so wrong about our suspicions?" But then I read the news article and realized that it was none other than Drew Peterson who received this anonymous letter.

The letter says that the writer spotted Stacey Peterson with another man in Kentucky. He recognized her but was told by Stacey to go away and leave her alone to live her own life. Apparently, aside from writing this anonymous letter, we are to believe that is exactly what the alleged writer of the letter did.

He certainly didn't do what most people would have done, such as call the police and tell them that the woman (whose husband is suspected of her murder) is really still alive and just having a good time.

And because he didn't want to intrude on her obviously happy choice to run away without telling anyone or without a thought to her small children, he sent the letter anonymously.

Yep, Drew is getting a little desperate.