Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blurring the Lines - Which side of the road are you on?

The psycho-babblers are at it again. Their newest conclusion? Road rage is actually a physical disorder and those who "suffer" from road rage (yes, they actually used the word "suffer", c'mon, these poor people are the real victims) are actually experiencing an episode of IED, intermittent explosive disorder.

So that guy who flips you the finger, the driver who tries to muscle you off the road, the maniac who chases for miles a car he thinks cut him off just so he can retaliate, is only a victim of a chemical brain imbalance.

Tell the guy in Santa Monica to feel sorry for his assailant. The guy who went so far as to pull over to let his tailgater pass only to find the other driver refused this offer and instead followed him for blocks, leaning on his horn. When he got out of his car, the poor IED sufferer ran him over with his SUV, sending him to the hospital with serious injuries.

The interesting thing to Rollo is that one article on "road rage" only interviewed female victims of IED. It's very important when trying to excuse what amounts to violent behaviour that we make sure you understand it isn't just a "male" thing.

Another article attributes all the shootings at schools, including Columbine, to intermittent explosive disorder. As I remember it, Columbine was pretty carefully planned by Harris and Klebold. In what way does this qualify as intermittent or explosive. These acts are generally planned and not the result of a sudden explosion of anger.

They say that they can now treat IED with medication and therapy. We used to call this "anger management". When will we face the facts and realize it is the incivility in our own society, the way the younger generation is being allowed to grow up without rules for behaviour and no consequences for bad behaviour that causes the upswing in violence in our society and the disappearance of empathy?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This time it's not my fault

"We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown." T.S. Eliot

Israeli scientists have identified 8 previously unknown and unique species in a heretofore undiscovered cave. Some of the creatures resemble shrimp and scorpions. The cave is a closed ecosystem, with warm, sulphuric water and is not dependent on the photosynthesis food chain but is completely self-sustaining. The cave had been covered by a layer of chalk that made it impenetrable to water and external nutrients and was completely cut off from the outside world for millions of years. It was, anyway, till the scientists dug their way in.

Israel Naaman, the member of the team that made the discovery, admits that the exposure to oxygen caused by their expedition could endanger the ecosystem.

Rollo would like that noted so that when these "new" species go belly-up and extinct, the blame isn't put on the usual suspects. These creatures were not endangered by cigarette smokers, the consumption of fossil fuels, the fur trade or the war in Iraq.

Allen G. Collins, a research fellow at the Smithsonian Institution stated that this important find shows how little we know about our planet and how important it is to keep looking.

Disappointing however, is the fact that they still haven't found Nessie.

The story can be found here.