Friday, March 17, 2006

Smoke if you got 'em *

There has been a third fatal shooting at a Denny's restaurant in California. The strange thing is, it wasn't because of the food. Why only at Denny's? And why only at California Denny's?

And in other big news in California, the town of Calabasas has banned all public smoking. You may not smoke anywhere that people congregate or where they might be exposed to your smoke and generally not within twenty feet of anyone who might not smoke or might object. You can still smoke in your home though, as long as you aren't in an apartment that is adjacent to a public area or have a balcony that is adjacent to a public area. I hope they don't have a Denny's in Calabasas, that's all they need. Can you imagine the carnage a restaurant full of nicotine-deprived, coffee-injected, Denny's patrons could cause?

Ireland has banned all smoking in pubs. You can't go in for a smoke and a pint anymore. Owners of pubs are vocal in their opposition to the ban, fearing a loss of business and of alienating customers. Proponents cite 150 workers' deaths last year from passive smoking (that's what they call it...really). But Con Denehy, an owner of such an establishment is quoted by the BBC as saying:
"There are pubs, particularly in rural Ireland, where you have old folk coming in who have been sitting in the same seats for 30, 40 or even 50 years. It's going to be very difficult for publicans to ask those people who have been so loyal to them over the years to desist from smoking."

I can understand that. What I don't understand is how these patrons manage to still be alive after 50 years of smoking and drinking and yet 150 non-smokers died from even being in the same room with them. The answer is clear. Non-smokers aren't very healthy. A smoker can live in a room where the air is blue for years, but according to the new law in Calabasas CA, a non-smoker will succumb at a distance of twenty feet from even the wafting, diluted smoke of just one cigarette. They will develop asthma, allergies, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and one of those pinched faces that always displays a look of great disapproval and disdain. Ugh, terrible.

So the lessons of today are:
1. Quit being so cheap and spend a little more for dinner and you won't be killed over the bottomless cup of coffee at Denny's.
2. Don't quit smoking. Second hand smoke kills. Get it firsthand.

* Rollo is not responsible for the overreactions of pinched faces to his tongue in cheek