Sunday, January 15, 2006

From Dust to Dust

I noticed a news article about the space capsule that recently came back down to earth. NASA sent it out to collect dust particles from a comet. It worked well, which is why we know about it and the other day it crashed, I mean landed, in a desert in Utah.

Space dust. Very interesting stuff, I imagine. Or is it? They say this is really, really old dust.
Is there such a thing as new dust? Is there anything new? Maybe this is dust from the formation of the universe, which means it is as old as the universe. But since the universe is all made up of basically the same stuff, how is it any older? In fact, since I am made up of earth stuff and earth is made up of universe stuff, I figure my dust is just as important.

Anyway, NASA spends billions of dollars collecting dust in space and then brings it down in a very fitting place, the desert. Where are you going to find a dustier spot? Which I think should clue them in. They probably don't even see the comical side to that, scientists are not known for humor. But I think of a capsule costing billions of dollars, full of imported dust sitting in the desert and I realize, Hey! we have a lot of dust here already.

Of course, I am not a scientist so the point probably escapes me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rare Rollo

Yeah, well I don't know why I am doing this. My sister has this blog and she says "Hey Rollo, this blogging is great". Now my sister, she's very smart. I think it's cause Mom always gave her the Wilma vitamins out of the Flintstones vitamin jar. I think I mostly got Fred and Barney, and you know how dumb they are. I always thought if I had got Dino or maybe even Bam Bam, I would have been smart too. But Fred? C'mon, he used to get locked out of the house by the saber-toothed cat. If you can be outsmarted by a cat that eventually becomes extinct then you can't be too bright.

Oh yeah, the blog. Well, it's new, just started. I meant to write something more interesting than a dissertation on children's chewable vitamins but it's supposed to be ramblings, right?

So anyway, I listened to my sister and started this blog. I always listen to her, since she has a better education, a lot of net savvy, and that Wilma vitamin advantage.

I haven't figured out yet what my niche is, I guess. Everyone is supposed to have a niche, but I don't think I fit into any at the moment.

So, I guess you will get all Rollo, all the time. Yeah, I wouldn't come back either. But hey, maybe my sister will.